General FAQ

• How big is the battery in the Bluei?
o The Bluei contains a 900 mAh lithium polymer Varta battery.

• What kind of Bluetooth solution is used in the Bluei?
o There is an embedded CSR solution, bluecore2external. It is a class2 device. The antenna is called MICA and is supplied by gigaAnt.

• What kind of GPS soloution is used in the Bluei?
o A chipset from Trimble called SQ lassen.

• What version of NMEA does the Bluei Support
o NMEA 0183 v3.0

• What Bluetooth Profile does the Bluei support
o Serial Port Profile, SPP.

• What is the GPS acquisition time?
o Reacquisition     2 sec .; average
o Cold start          < 90 sec
o Warm start        < 38 sec
o Hot start           < 14 sec

• PALM problems?
o The most common problem with PALM is that the navigation application has the wrong GPS settings. Please enter GPS settings in your application and choose Bluei. This should get you started.

• Destinator Problems?
o The most common problem with Destinator is wrong settings under GPS / Settings. The protocol should be set to NMEA.

• Smart phones based on Microsoft phone edition OS?
o The Microsoft based phones have problem with their COM settings. The best way to solve this is to download a little program in to your smart phone. The program is found at

• Applications?
o When a customer has a problem with the Bluei, we usually start with ensuring that the Bluei works. This is done with the attached program GPS diagnostics that runs on a PC under windows.

1 Place you Bluei outside under clear sky
2 Turn the unit on (don’t connect to it)
3 Let the unit turn itself off, wait approximately 10min (At this stage you know that the GPS has a fix)
4 Turn the Bluei on
5 Connect the Bluei to the PC
6 Check what COM port is allocated on the PC for Bluetooth
7 Disconnect the Bluei
8 Start GPS diagnostics
9 Choose the COM port allocated for Bluetooth, GPS diagnostics now connects to the Bluei itself
10 Now you should se streaming GPS data in the bottom of the screen

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