2004-04-18 FAQ updated
FAQ´s on the most common GPS software etc.

2004-02-30 M3 Product Review
Bluei receives high remarks by Swedish M3 computer journal, getting 8/10 and the label "M3 recommends".

2004-02-19 New UK Distributor

2004-02-19 New Polish Distributor

2004-02-15 Get the Bluei to Support Your Microsoft Smartphone
Download Freeware here.

2004-01-14 Bluei Bundle
Swedish Datanät offers Bluei
packaged together with
navigation software - Destinator
III and Digi-Map.

2003-12-25 Grand Opening
Bluei Web Site

2003-12-25 New Distributors Signed
Bluei Welcomes New Distributors: MPI - Germany, Shine - Italy, Daimler - Denmark,
Trety - Global

2003-12-25 Bluei In the News
PDA Club
MPI Distribution AG

2003-12-25 Become a

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2003-12-25 Design Images
Image Library - More to Come...

2003-12-25 Specifications
Technical Data...